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Welcome to Northern Travel & Vaccination Clinic (NTVC) in Prince George, BC. We are a Yellow Fever Center designated by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

We specialize in providing up to date information on diseases, vaccines required and recommended for your specific travel destination. To provide the right advice for all individuals, we need to book you an appointment for an individual or group consultation. Each individual has a range of risk factors from their style of accommodations, allergies, past medical history to activities during traveling. These risk factors are best discussed during your consultation with the doctor or health nurse. We also offer TB skin test for pre-employment that are interpreted, reading of the results and follow up done by Dr. R.H Dabbs.

PLEASE NOTE:  To your appointment, you should bring: past vaccination records, names of your current medications taken regularly and details of your itinerary.

Please allow 30-45 minutes for your consultation.

Did You Know...

Did you know that NTVC is qualified to do Tuberculosis (TB) skin testing?

Contact us today to set up your consultation appointment.

Flu Shots Available Now!

Northern Travel & Vaccination Clinics offers flu shots for you and your family during this flu season.

To book an appointment to get vaccines with the travel clinic please call 250.596.9190 or submit our online form to schedule an appointment with NTVC.

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Book your travel vacation through us and Expedia Cruiseship Centers by calling Costina at 250-564-8116 or toll free 1-866-358-7285 or by email at ckeresztesi(at)cruiseshipcenters.com

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A certified Yellow Fever Centre by the ...

Public Health Agency of Canada

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